Bestway Hydro-Force Dewaniya


Regular price 55.000 KD

Made from durable vinyl, the Rapid Rider features four spacious seats and deep footrests for ultimate comfort. You'll feel like you're sitting in your favourite armchair, only better. The mesh bottom of the Rapid Rider keeps you cool under the sun, while the built-in cup holders and coolers ensure that you have everything you need for a refreshing day on the water. With its super-relaxing backrests and convenient grab rope, getting in and out of the water is a breeze. Plus, the Rapid Rider is designed to last for many summers to come. And if you do happen to get a tear, our repair kit will have you back in the water in no time.


  • Pool designed for up to 4 people
  • Easy-to-use screw valve for inflation and deflation
  • Features a grab rope with integrated grommets for added safety
  • Premium construction includes a comfortable backrest
  • Mesh bottoms provide a refreshing and cooling experience
  • Equipped with 4 built-in coolers for keeping beverages chilled
  • Includes 4 cup holders for added convenience
  • Comes with a heavy-duty repair patch for fixing any punctures or damages