Jackaro 4 players


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- Game Play In Clockwise, Only The (4) Card Is Anti-clockwise.
- Every Two Opposite Players Are One Team, The First Player From The Same Team To Put All 4 Marbles In
The Safe Has To Help His Teammate Finish By Moving His Marbles Into Safe.
- A Player Can Not Move His Marble Over Another Of His Own Marbles, But He Can Move Above Any Other
Players Marble As Long As It Does Not Exceed One Marble.
- The Base Of Each Player Is His Safe Spot, No Player Can Jump Above Him, Kill Him Or Swap With Him.
- The Game Starts By Each Player Taking One Random Card, The Player With The Highest Card Plays First,
And Is Called The Match Leader.
- The Match Leader Starts By Distributing The Cards To Each Player, The First And Second Round 4 Cards
Are Given To Each Player, The Third Round 5 Cards Are Given To Each Player.
- After The Third Round The Next Player On The left Of The Match Leader Becomes The Match Leader And
So On.
- When A Marble Is Killed It Is Returned To The Home.
-A Player With No Marble Outside The Home Cannot Play, Unless He Has A (Drop) Card.
- If The Player Has Cards That Cannot Be Played He Has To Throw His Cards And Wait Till The Next Round To
Play Except If He Has Number 5 Or 10 He Can Play With Them.
- Any Marble That Lands On Another Marble Kills It Even If It Was Of The Same Players Marble.